Evenflow is a strategy and communications consultancy driven by the aspiration to build sustainable solutions that bring cutting-edge technology applications to a wider audience. Evenflow supports clients in Europe and beyond by creating value along four service lines:

Evenflow consultants have been extensively involved in EU-funded projects and service contracts, thus building strong expertise and a well-established network across several thematic areas including Space-based applications, Civil Protection and Emergency Management, Security, Science Education, Environmental Policy and Crowdsourcing.

Our Philosophy

Evenflow advocates that the keystone of successful business is effective cooperation. We strive to support our clients and partners in building innovative projects and solutions, by forging strong, sustainable relationships and by ensuring that our support is fully aligned with our clients’ needs at every step of our cooperation.

Our Vision

Evenflow is a strong proponent of the utilisation of innovative technologies such as Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation and crowdsourcing as a driver for more effective business and as an enabling force for the improvement of our daily lives. We are therefore fully motivated by, and dedicated to, the broader adoption of such innovative technologies through the implementation of high-impact, collaborative projects and through the effective communication of their objectives and results to the relevant communities.


Inspired by the awesomeness of cutting-edge technological solutions, and driven by their potential to make a real difference to societal and market needs on Earth, we are a team of hard-workers, deep-thinkers and flow-seekers…

Co-Founder and Director
Lefteris’ lifelong enthusiasm for space drove him towards launching Evenflow with Dimitri in 2015. An astrophysicist-turned-consultant, Lefteris applies his knack for complex problem solving to developing novel high-tech concepts and bridging emerging solutions with market needs. As a keen sailor, Lefteris is guided by Galileo to keep his boat flowing evenly.

Co-Founder and Director
A social scientist from Nottingham Trent University, Dimitri’s career changed orbit in 2008 when he encountered the Copernicus programme. An unrepentant designer of complex spreadsheets, Dimitri combines a Greek aesthetic with British practicality in managing Evenflow’s communication and outreach activities. Dimitri finds his Zen moments spinning fire, playing the Butone and slowly solving Rubik’s cubes.

Driven by her strong interest in multi-disciplinary science and technology, Nefeli has developed a unique ability to communicate complex ideas to various audiences. When she isn’t developing communication strategies and publication material, Nefeli enjoys exploring the finer side of the Brussels Art and Food scenes.

Yielding to the force that moves the world, his path has taken him from Chile to India and Canada to Turkey. He brings this perspective to Evenflow and its numerous projects with a pan-European and global reach. He is an agronomist and economist by training, and now strives to support research & innovation results to mature into real-world applications.

Senior Advisor
Bringing with him a career’s worth of invaluable experience within UK and EU policy-making circles, Robert has been supporting Evenflow as a Senior Advisor since 2015. Drawing on his broad knowledge of EU space policies and the Copernicus programme, especially its in situ component, Robert provides his unique perspective to our work on strategic communications for EU agencies.


We are currently seeking to expand our team and we are inviting expressions of interest from talented professionals for a range of roles.