Earth Observation

Satellites can provide valuable and timely information about the state and health of our planet. In addition to their well-established use in support of meteorology, Earth Observation technologies give rise to a host of services for scientific, commercial and public-sector applications. From monitoring the changing climate and assessing the effectiveness of mitigation policies to supplying farmers with information on soil and crop growth, satellite technologies proffer a vast potential for improving efficiency, advancing environmental science, and making policy-making more effective.

Building on their experience of supporting the European Union’s Copernicus programme, Evenflow consultants are actively involved in supporting the development of Earth Observation services and applications, assessing their costs and communicating their benefits.



Satellite Navigation

The positioning and timing signals provided by satellite navigation systems are currently used in many critical areas of the economy, including power grid synchronization, electronic trading and mobile phone networks, effective road, sea and air traffic management, in-car navigation, search and rescue services. Satellite navigation applications are numerous and varied, and play key roles both in business and in the daily lives of citizens and communities.

Evenflow consultants have built a strong expertise in Satellite Navigation and its applications in different market sectors through their work at the European Commission, and their involvement in several projects and studies with the European GNSS Agency (GSA). This expertise covers the following areas, among others:

  • Analysis of GNSS downstream markets (e.g. road, agriculture, railroad, LBS, etc.)
  • International GNSS cooperation
  • Development and uptake of GNSS applications
  • Elaboration of industrial GNSS strategies
Galileo_satellite_system (1)

Credit: ESA – J. Huart

Civil Protection and Emergency Management

Evenflow consultants have developed a solid understanding of user and stakeholder requirements amongst Civil Protection communities, particularly with regards to the development of innovative decision-making processes, increased coordination of human resources and skills and the utilisation of new technological tools (such as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), crowdsourcing and satellite technologies) in support of coordinated prevention, preparedness and Emergency Management activities.



Evenflow consultants have long-standing experience of analysing and understanding the needs of stakeholder and user communities in the Security domain, particularly in relation to the Copernicus programme and the European policy context. Evenflow consultants have been involved in numerous research projects in support of the development of services in the following areas:

  • Support to EU External Action
  • Border surveillance
  • Maritime surveillance

civil protection

Science Education

Whether explaining the benefits of European Space Programmes to children or the general public at the European Space Expo; elaborating innovative ideas and tools to make Science careers more attractive for youngsters; or organising Science cafe meetings in the European Commission, Evenflow consultants have always enthusiastically supported the promotion of Science to the relevant audiences.


Environmental Policy

The challenges posed by a changing climate and a looming energy crisis require concerted and harmonised action supported by informed and proactive policy-making. The European Union has signalled the importance of climate action as a strategic priority, and now needs to live up to the promise of environmental leadership on the global stage.

Evenflow consultants conduct critical analyses of the emerging debates within environmental policy-making, particularly in the areas of climate and energy.

Copyright: PolarView, University of Bremen

Copyright: PolarView, University of Bremen

Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Platforms

Evenflow consultants have built a keen interest in the development of innovative crowdsourcing tools and collaborative platforms that enable the mobilisation of large communities towards a common goal. In this context, Evenflow consultants are actively working on the elaboration of new concepts focusing on improving Emergency Management operations or on enabling more efficient cooperation between individuals across the Globe.

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