Deploying a unique blend of in-depth expertise in numerous thematic areas, innovative thinking and creativity, and a strong commitment to quality, Evenflow provides its clients with independent consulting services, with the aim of acting as a catalyst for the creation and implementation of high-quality, high-impact projects utilising innovative technologies.


Commercialisation and Exploitation of Research

Evenflow supports companies, scientific institutions and public organisations to turn their ideas into projects and to make their projects a success.

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Communication and Outreach

Evenflow can support your project or business in extracting the important messages for different target audiences and conveying them through the appropriate channels and media.

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Strategy and Management Consulting

Evenflow consultants draw on their experience of strategic assignments for EU clients in offering a range of management consulting and strategic advisory services.

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Project Management and Coordination

Building on their strong experience in the management and coordination of EU projects, Evenflow consultants support clients to effectively coordinate large international teams and carry out complex research projects.

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